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The Starting Point

With 104,845 currently approved outlines available for download, OutlineDepot.com is the most comprehensive source of law school outlines anywhere. If you are looking for law school outlines, regardless of your particular school or university, you've come to the right place. Remember, registration is free and more outlines become available every day!

The Exchange System

This database of law school outlines is built on an exchange system. The system allows students to upload their law school outlines (earning 1 credit), and in return, download a law school outline for free (debiting 1 credit). Students with no outlines to upload may purchase credits.

The Elusive Outline

Naturally, most law students will only feel compelled to upload to the database if a desired law outline is already posted. Fight this urge! Upload what you can now and build your credits; they will never expire. In the meantime, the database of law school outlines grows and grows. Be sure to check back repeatedly throughout the semester.