Barnet, Randy, Contracts Cases and Doctrine (4th Ed.)

School Class Professor
Harvard Law School Contracts Mnookin, Robert
Indiana University School of Law, Bloomington Contracts Boshkoff, Douglass G.
Northwestern University School of Law Contracts Eigen, Zev
Oklahoma City University School of Law Contracts II Pagano, Celeste
Penn State Contracts Kreutzer, Jacob
St. Louis University Contracts Cherry, Miriam
Stanford University Contracts Cole, G. Marcus
Temple University Contracts Hoffman, David
University of California, San Francisco (Hastings) Contracts Lefstin, Jeffrey
University of Georgia Contracts Barnett, Kent
University of Pennsylvania Contracts Madison, Kristin
University of San Diego Contracts Barry, Jordan M.
Wayne State University Law School Contracts II Zacks, Eric A.
William and Mary Law School Contracts Oman, Nathan B.